Night Time LED Circuit - Sat 30th Sept 6pm Bunkers Park Hemel Hempstead

We will be setting up a course using LED gates and LED rope along the ground. Location is a big grass field away from houses with car parking right next to where we are setting up the course in Bunkers. Park Hemel, (There is height restricting barrier at the car park entrance so vans etc will need to find a spot to park along the lane) Please have an LED on your quad so that it can be seen in the dark, and if possible please confirm you are coming as soon as possible so we can get frequencies and lap timer transponders etc sorted. Anybody is welcome to come, its just going to be a fun night and something a bit different no matter what your skill level. Details of location are below but if you need to know anything or want to arrange travelling there please contact the facebook group or

Location: Closest postcode is HP3 8LL - Car park is down a track on Bedmond Road, please see the map below [CLICK HERE FOR MAP] Tips: Bring a headlight , Solder an LED to a watch cell battery as an independent light in case you crash and your battery unplugs - Rupert has done this and the led is on 20+ hours later!

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